maanantai 6. lokakuuta 2014

Viikko 41/2014: ThouShaltNot

Valitse yksi (tai useampi) näistä ThouShaltNotin lyriikkojen pätkistä, ja käytä sitä kirjoittamisessa.

It's a new year
In an old house
With more technology you'll never understand
Break out your typewriter
With your thees and thous
Smearing old words
With your old hands


I'm invisible to you
To your bird's eye view
I know the angle all too well
It's how I saw before I fell


Ask before this moment fades
Fast before I ask the same
'Cause if we don't, I think we know this room will burst
It will explode
Though every word is overload
Don't let this moment go

Hiding something, love
You're hiding something behind your grin
So let me in because I'm hiding something too, and it's the same thing
I'm just like you
The world is new
And we'll be colliding with forever when you speak


And the world is beautiful because it dies


 And now you're screaming bloody murder
Breaking promises and bread

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